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EBS September 2021 Newsletter -Back to School

September newsletters 2021
Monday, September 6, 2021

Dear Parents,

I hope your children had a great first week back at school. The first few days are always a little hectic but they’ve quickly settled into their routines. I enjoy my morning classroom visits and speaking to them when I see them in the halls or outside. The waves from the KDG students when they walk by my office are always a highlight. I look forward to many more highlights as the school year progresses.

This is the first of the monthly newsletters that will be sent to parents throughout the school year. The newsletters will contain information regarding our school as well as a schedule of events and special days. Please take careful note of all dates. This is especially important with regards to days off when students do not have classes.


We ask that you pay your school and lunch fees as soon as possible. The school fees are directly used for the students. The lunch fees are used for the salaries of the lunch supervisors. Reminders will be sent home on a regular basis where necessary. In addition, please return completed forms to your child’s teacher as soon as possible. In particular, if your child needs to take medication and/or vitamins on a regular basis throughout the year, please complete a Medical Distribution Form. Please contact the office and the form will be sent home with your child.


For safety reasons, parents are asked to avoid the school parking lot. Please use the Percival Street entrance for morning drop-off and after-school pickup. Daycare parents are also asked NOT to use the parking lot in both the AM and PM. The cars in the parking lot belong to staff members are not to be leaned on, sat on, or touched in any way. In addition, parents cannot park their car in front of the school (along yellow painted lines). This area is for buses ONLY. Montreal West Security can issue tickets to any car parked/stopped in this area.


La Merenda will be the EBS hot lunch provider. All orders must be placed online. An information sheet will be sent to all parents this week.


Students are expected to be wearing the school colors of Blue and White. However, all items must be devoid of logos or slogans. Please be reminded that jeans are not part of our dress code. Flip-flop sandals are not permitted for safety reasons. Please ensure all your child’s belongings are appropriately labelled. The school is not responsible for lost or misplaced items. All long hair should be tied back.


Our school community is devoted to the well-being and health of all children, as such we are a peanut free school. Parents are asked to refrain from packing nuts/peanuts or any food containing these ingredients in their child’s lunches.


All school correspondence will be sent electronically via email to the addresses we have on file. Please ensure you contact the office with any changes to your email address. We will also post photos on our social media accounts, eballantyne314 (Instagram) and on Facebook. We are always happy to celebrate the many beautiful gifts our school has to offer – the most important one being the wonderful families that make up our Elizabeth Ballantyne Family. I look forward to working with all of you this year, to help your children reach their full potential.

Christina Chilelli
Principal / Directrice École Elizabeth Ballantyne School

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