Dress Code

It is the policy of Elizabeth Ballantyne School that students who attend must follow the dress code at all times, except on “Dress Down” days. This is to ensure the easy identification of our students, as well as to foster an inclusive environment at our school with a focus on learning.
  • The dress code consists of a solid white or navy-blue shirt and solid navy-blue pants, jogging pants, skirts, tunics or shorts. Jeans are not permitted, except on “Dress Down” days. A solid navy-blue sweater is also permitted indoors. No hats are to be worn in the school.
  • No commercial crests, logos, emblems, pictures, writing, designs, or patterns of any kind will be accepted on any article of clothing worn indoors, with the exception of approved EBS apparel.
  • Skirts must be worn respectfully and must be worn with solid navy-blue leggings, tights or shorts underneath at all times. (Tights are not to be worn without a skirt. Leggings may be worn.)
  • Suitable clothing must be worn for gym class (running shoes, no jeans and no skirts without shorts underneath). If deemed appropriate, please send your child with extra clothing to change into on gym days.
  • In an attempt to ensure a clean environment, students are expected to have 2 pairs of shoes (indoor & outdoor). Proper closed-toe footwear is required at all times for the safety of all children. (NO FLIP-FLOPS) All dress code items may be purchased through any vendor, as long as they comply with all the above requirements.
  • Clothing should be comfortable for the wearer – not overly loose or too tight. Clothing is expected to be clean.