Leadership Groups


Elizabeth Ballantyne has a special group of students called Ambassadors. They are all grade 6 children who apply for the position. Once they submit their application, candidates are selected. Ambassadors have specific responsibilities and tasks to perform all year long. They help the staff members in a multitude of ways.

Change Makers

Students from grades 4, 5 &6 are given the opportunity to join EBS’ leadership groups.  Led by Miss Alison and Miss Jessica D, this group of students, who call themselves the “Change Makers”, come together to focus on issues about which they are passionate.  One of their goals is to empower others to jump on board to “Be the Change”. These students learn valuable tools on how to communicate effectively through active listening and public speaking. They learn to apply conflict resolution tactics, and encourage their peers to attain common goals in making an impact in their schools, homes, and neighborhoods and beyond geographical borders.

Every year the Change Makers attend WE Day, which is described as the “Olympics for Change Makers”. Thousands of students from different cities are selected to hear world-renowned speakers share their inspirational stories, watch powerful performances and witness other young people make a difference across the globe.

Yard Games Leaders

The yard game leaders are students who are trained though workshops led by a staff member - usually a Behaviour Technician. This training focuses on the development of leadership and organizational skills. They learn how to manage equipment, mediate a conflict, and encourage all students to play and move. They also learn how to evaluate and to be flexible - sometimes the game they selected to play does not work out as planned and different strategies are explored.  The qualities acquired through this program are responsibility, generosity, observational skills and how to think quickly and be cooperative.

Green Team

The Green Team is composed of grade 4 and 5 students who meet once a week on Mondays. They raise awareness about the importance of composting, and how it benefits the Earth. The Green Team members grow seedlings to plants, which are later transplanted into the Hydroponic Tower. The students learn how to operate the hydroponic growing system and take care of the plants. Once the plants are fully grown, they are used for our annual salad sale, which takes place before the March break. After the March break, the same tower is used to plant flowers, which are then replanted outside.