Teaching Robotics at EBS started over ten years ago with the use of RCX kits. When Lego introduced the NXT, Elizabeth Ballantyne was one of the first schools in the English Montreal School Board to incorporate them into their Robotics Club. This year we are very well equipped, with over a dozen EV3 kits that allow over twenty-five students to enjoy building and programming robots that compete in various robotics competitions.

All cycle 3 students at Elizabeth Ballantyne School are encouraged to join the Robotics Club. The students who join the club must demonstrate the motivation to learn, the commitment to come on regular basis, and the readiness to work in a group and have fun. They will enjoy a vibrant and hands-on Robotics Club that meets once a week. This select group of students will work hard to represent our school at a robotics competition held each year.

For several years now, EBS students have competed in the Robo-Junior competition or the Zone 01 competition. Our teams have perform very well in the OnStage, Search and Rescue, Soccer  and Sumo competitions, bringing home many medals.

The school covers all costs associated with the club, as well as the fees for joining the competitions. The Robotics Club is under the supervision of one of our science and technology teachers, Kayla Gribbon.