Social - Emotional Learning :

CS3:  ME-YOU-US (Core Skills in Three Domains) has evolved, as mentioned earlier, into a comprehensive SEL approach, drawing upon extensive field experiences and insights gained over a decade of teaching. The approach uses an active, language and communication-based approach, complemented by group activities as well as self-calming and regulation techniques, such as mindful breathing and creative visualization.

CS3 structures the five SEL competencies into three domains of development – self (ME), others (YOU), and the larger community (US). Its overarching goal is to link all three domains and CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social Emotional Learning) competencies to promote healthy relationships, with one’s own self, with others and with the larger community. Beginning with one’s self-to-self relationship, the aim is to teach students how to develop a habit whereby they are able to bring empathy, kindness, and compassion, rather than indifference, harshness, and negative judgment, into their relationship patterns. The key to SEL, in our understanding, is the development of a sound and healthy connection to one’s own self, which then serves as the basis to establish healthy relationships with others and the surrounding world.

The following diagram of the CS3 practical framework illustrates how emotional literacy can unlock the power of SEL to create personal and highly meaningful learning experience for children.