House System

A ‘House System’ was established at Elizabeth Ballantyne School in 2017. This means that each student has been or will be assigned to one of five houses (see below).  The goals of the House System are as follows:

  • To foster a sense of community and belonging by integrating students from K-6, along with designated teachers/staff members in each house.
  • To promote leadership skills through team building activities.
  • To promote school spirit.
  • To provide each student with a chance to feel success.
  • To encourage positive behavior by awarding points with point cards to students who best demonstrate positive attitude, for good deeds and for random acts of kindness.

During the year, there will be several assemblies at which we will introduce one of our school core values.  ‘House Points’ will be given to each student based on their demonstration of the value we are celebrating.   When a student is given a point, it is made clear to them exactly why they are receiving it.  When there is an issue to be dealt with (behavioural, social or otherwise), all staff members refer back to these core values, and remind students to practice them daily. At each assembly, the House with the most points will receive an award.

We appreciate your support in this effort – please feel free to call the school if you have any questions. 

We encourage you to engage in discussion with your child/ren – ask them to tell you which House they have been assigned to, and what values they are practicing!  The House names and colours are as follows:

Red Maple (1), White Birch (2), Yellow Oak (3), Blue Elm (4) and Green Cedar (5)