Virtual Learning

In this section, you will find information related to the re-confinement plan, in case any class need to self-isolate themselves and learn online from a distance.
The EMSB distance education follows the guidelines that have been established by the MEES
  Number of hours per week dedicated to online learning Number of hours of independent work provided by the teacher per week Number of hours of teacher availability per day or per week to meet the needs of the students
Pre-School (K4-K5) 11.5 hours of group learning and preparation activities 11.5 hours of personalized learning and preparation activities 2 hours N.A
Grade 1 and 2 10.5 hours of teaching 3 hours 2 hours per day
Grade 3 and 4 13 hours of teaching 5 hours 2 hours per day
Grade 5 and 6 13 hours of teaching 7.5 hours 2 hours per day