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Deanna Iaizzo

Deanna Iaizzo – Kindergarten - Room 5

My name is Deanna Iaizzo and I teach Kindergarten at Elizabeth Ballantyne School. I graduated from Concordia University and have been teaching for the EMSB for the past ten years. I taught in High School for two years and subsequently at Elizabeth Ballantyne for eight years. I have always loved working with children and strive to help each child live up to their full potential. I am there to provide the students with a safe and engaging learning environment, where they can explore and learn through various activities. My goal is to make each child feel successful, confident, and eager to further their knowledge. I am excited to meet our new Kindergarten friends and greet our returning students.

Deanna Iaizzo

Chelsea Weiner – Welcoming Class

My name is Chelsea Weiner and I work in the Welcome Classroom at Elizabeth Ballantyne School. I graduated from McGill in Social Work. After graduation, I worked as a Teacher’s Assistant at Summit School where I developed a true passion for teaching and working with students with special needs. I went back to school at Queen’s University to get my Education degree with a concentration in Special Education. This is my first year working at Elizabeth Ballantyne School. I’m an enthusiastic and passionate teacher committed to providing a stimulating environment, and am sensitive and responsive to the needs of my students.I am excited to get to know my students, their families and all the staff at EBS!

Sharon Friedman

Sharon Friedmann – Kindergarten – Room 19

My name is Sharon Friedmann and I have been a teacher at the EMSB for 38 years. I worked for the first half of my career at Mackay Center, a magical school for physically disabled students. I have been a Kindergarten teacher at Elizabeth Ballantyne School for the past 18 years. Room 19 is absolutely my second home! Teaching is definitely my passion. I love what I do and always strive to learn more and be the best I can be. Helping each child maximize his/her potential is my goal. It is especially important to me, as a Kindergarten teacher, to make sure that each child’s first school experience is extremely positive. I focus on the social and emotional growth of each child to help them be in touch with their feelings and emotions. Beginning a new school year is always such an exciting time! I look forward to meeting a new group of children, and a whole new set of exciting experiences! Kindergarten in Room 19 will be a year you will always remember!

Bryan Perlman

Bryan Perlman – Grade 1 – Room 4

My name is Bryan Perlman and I teach Grade 1 Language Arts and Math at Elizabeth Ballantyne School. I graduated from McGill University with a B.Ed. in 2006 and have been working at the EMSB for the past eight years. I am a passionate teacher, who loves animals and nurturing the young minds of the future generation. I am there to provide the students with a fun and engaging learning environment, where students can feel free to be themselves. My goal is to ensure the success of each and every one of my students. I am excited to meet our new and returning Grade 1 students.

Deanna Iaizzo

Kayla Gribbon – Science & Technology (Cycle 1)

My name is Kayla Gribbon and I am the Cycle 1 Science and Technology teacher Monday through Wednesday. I am so excited to be working with students on STEAM projects and conducting fun and exciting hands-on experiments this year. In addition to teaching Science, I also teach Cycle 1 math, language arts, and physical education. On Thursday and Fridays, I have the pleasure of teaching Kindergarten in room 19. After I graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor in Elementary Education, I began working with the EMSB. For the past four years, I have taught a variety of subjects to a wide array of learners ranging from Kindergarten to sixth grade. This my third year at Elizabeth Ballantyne and I am so excited to continue my teaching journey. My passion is teaching math and science, as I love to see curiosity and exploration come alive in every student. I strive to create an environment where students can reach their full potential and be successful. When I am not teaching you can find me working with the robotics team, on a soccer field, horseback riding, or learning something new.

Miss Rose

Ms. Rose - Grade 3 - Room 14

My name is Ms. Rose and I've been a teacher for over 23 years. I started my career at Giant Steps working as an educator and then became a teacher with the EMSB 10 years later. I worked at Honore Mercier for 10 years and have been at Elizabeth Ballanytyne for the past 3 years. I am lucky to be working with such a wonderful staff here at EBS and teach such remarkable children.

Miss Raquel

Ms. Raquel - Grade 4 - Room 16

My name is Raquel Volinsky and I teach Cycle Two at Elizabeth Ballantyne School. I graduated from McGill University and have been teaching for the EMSB for the past ten years. Teaching has always been a passion of mine as I believe that every child can learn. My goal is to make learning fun, interactive and meaningful while challenging and motivating the students to achieve their full potential. My classroom is a positive environment where children feel safe and successful because every day we learn from one another. I wake up every morning feeling blessed because I truly love what I do and I am part of an amazing school that is always looking for ways to grow and benefit our students.

Miss Raquel

Mme. Nadia - French (Cycle 2)

Bonjour!  My name is Mme Nadia and I teach French to grade 3 and 4 students. I have a Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) from Concordia University and a Bachelor of Education from Tyndale University in Toronto. I am new to Elizabeth Ballantyne School and am very excited about the start of the school year at such a great school!  There is nothing like inspiring and motivating young minds to learn French.  I know the joys and value of learning this wonderful language from my own experience. Growing up in Montreal, I was immersed in French, speaking it from the classroom to the playground. Later in life, it allowed me to pursue a 12 year career in the Pharmaceutical industry. In 2011, I moved to Toronto with my family to realize my dream of becoming a teacher! Two months after Teacher’s College, my husband and I welcomed our baby girl. In November 2016, we welcomed our son. I create meaningful, engaging and real-life lessons for my students and love to make them work in teams. Thank you for this opportunity to participate in your child’s learning!

Daniela Colafabio

Caterina Ruggeri – Cycle 3

My name is Caterina Ruggeri and I am proud to call Elizabeth Ballantyne my new second home. I am so excited to have joined this amazing team. I graduated from McGill University in Elementary Education, and have been teaching for ten years. My teaching career started in high school, and now I am proud to be teaching cycle 3. I have a great passion for teaching and I work hard to engage my students in learning through high energy and hands-on lessons. My goal is to help my students reach their fullest potential. I believe that perseverance is important for every student, especially in grade 6 when it’s their last stretch towards the finish line. When the students walk into my class, I make sure that they have a changed mindset that allows them to persevere. I am looking forward to a great year with my grade 6 students and cannot wait to watch them graduate!

Daniela Colafabio

Stacy Cho – Cycle 3 French

My name is Stacy Cho and I teach cycle 3 French at Elizabeth Ballantyne School. It is my second year at EBS and it already feels like home with welcoming staffs, parents and students. Upon graduation from McGill (B. Ed), I went on an adventure to France to work for few years. Upon my return I am grateful to be here. Working with children has always been my passion and teaching them a new language has always been my dream. I always aim to make each class interactive and engaging by using technology, drama, creative writing and a lot of movement in the classroom.

Daniela Colafabio

Jessica Doubt – Cycle 3

My name is Jessica Doubt and I teach grade 5 at Elizabeth Ballantyne School. I am a long time member of the EBS family, having done two of my ‘stages’ here, as well as having been a regular substitute while I mainly stayed home with my three children. I was a homeroom teacher here in 2011 and am very excited to be back! I graduated from Concordia University in 2007 and completed a Master’s degree in Education from McGill University in 2014. I strive to create a fun, engaging and dynamic learning environment for my students every day.

Daniela Colafabio

Daniela Colafabio – Grades 5/6 – Room 13

My name is Daniela Colafabio and I teach French in grades 5 and 6. I graduated from McGill University and have been teaching at Elizabeth Ballantyne School for the past ten years. Working with children has always been my passion. The most rewarding part of my job is when I see my students become excited and motivated to learn a second language. I always aim to make my lessons as fun and as interactive as possible by incorporating technology, drama, creative writing and a lot of movement in the classroom. There is never a dull moment in room 13 :)

Lucia De Petrillo

Lucy De Petrillo – Grade 6 – Room 9

I am a Grade 6 teacher at Elizabeth Ballantyne School. Upon graduation from McGill (B. Ed), I embarked on an adventure as I headed to La Tabatière, a remote fishing village on Quebec’s Lower North Shore, just south of Labrador, where I taught for four years. Upon my return to Montreal, I devoted the next ten years to raising my three children. During this time, I also owned and operated a photo finishing & videography store and studio in a downtown Montreal mall. I remained active in teaching as I took on part time and substitution contracts. When my children were of school age, I was ready to embark upon my full time teaching career. I was hired by the EMSB and worked at Willingdon Elementary School for 7 years, where I taught Computer Technology and Kindergarten. I was fortunate to come to EBS five years ago, and have truly enjoyed my time here. I am a devoted teacher who loves a challenge and enjoys seeing children learn in a nurturing environment. I like to integrate technology when appropriate, and am always seeking ways to innovate with latest in effective teaching practices.

Mr. Nurse

David Nurse – French – Room 6

Je m’appelle David Nurse. Mes étudiant(e)s m’appellent Monsieur Nurse. Je suis un enseignant à l’école Elizabeth Ballantyne depuis 2005. J’enseigne le français langue seconde et l’éducation physique aux maternelles et cycle 1 (1ère et 2ème année). J’ai fait ma formation à l’université McGill, mais j’ai travaillé avec des enfants depuis l’école secondaire. Quand j’étais un étudiant à l’école secondaire Académie Royal West, j’ai aidé les élèves primaires d’Edinburgh avec leurs devoirs en français. J’étais aussi en charge des activités dans le gymnase après l’école. J’ai commencé en 1991 et j’ai terminé en 2004. Quand je n’enseigne pas, je participe à différentes activités physiques. Je vais au gym pour m’entraîner. Je pratique différents arts martiaux, comme le karaté. Je participe aux cours de zumba et yoga. J’apprends différentes danses, comme la salsa. J’aime tout(e)s mes étudiant(e)s, même ceux qui me donnent des défis. J’ai hâte de travaillé avec vos enfants en français et en éducation physique.

Stephane Fortin

Stéphane Fortin – Physical Education & Health Teacher

My name is Stéphane Fortin and I have been teaching Physical Education and Health at Elizabeth Ballantyne School for the last 27 years! I have served as Staff Assistant for the past 12 years. I am a graduate of Mc Gill University, where I also played Varsity Hockey for the Redmen from 1984 to 1988. I was an assistant coach with the Redmen from 1997 to 2014, and was part of the staff when we won the National Championship in 2012. I love teaching and I love putting my running shoes on every morning to go to work. My major objective is to stimulate the children to be more active, and to develop their physical and social skills through sports. I really want the students to bring their abilities to the next level, in a safe and peaceful environment. I also emphasize the value of good sportsmanship. Finally, I like to organize different school events such as the Terry Fox Run, Winter Carnival, Skate-A-Thon, and Field Day. I also plan extra-curricular activities during lunch hour, in order to increase the level of physical activity throughout the year.

Alison Lydynia

Alison Lydynia - Science and Technology - Computer Lab

My name is Alison Lydynia and I am a proud teacher at Elizabeth Ballantyne School. Over the past 6 years, I have taught a wide variety of subjects and grade levels, but I am best known as the science and technology teacher. When I am not in the computer lab, I can almost always be found in Kindergarten Room 19, where I teach on Thursdays and Fridays. I graduated in 2009 from McGill with a B.Ed, but my passion for working with kids of all ages began well before university. I am an eager beaver who gets involved in many aspects of school life, and I strive to improve my teaching with every passing year. I love welcoming students to my class with my warm smile and enthusiastic attitude towards learning. I am sad to be missing this upcoming school year, as I will be off on preventative leave because I am expecting my first baby in March.

Alison Lydynia

Ryan Clarke - Science and Technology - Kindergarten

My name is Ryan Clarke and I am the Cycle 2 and 3 Science & Technology teacher Monday through Wednesday. In addition to that, I have the privilege of being the Kindergarten teacher in room 19 on Thursday and Friday. I took a somewhat roundabout path to becoming a teacher, graduating with a BA in Psychology from Concordia University and working at the Centre for Studies in Behavioural Neurobiology at the Loyola campus for many years. In 2011, I returned to Concordia and completed my teaching degree and have been working at the EMSB for the past 4 years. This is my first year at Elizabeth Ballantyne and I feel very fortunate to be working with such outstanding colleagues and students! Everyone here has worked really hard to get our new ‘Maker-Space’ up and running and I am very excited to see all of the amazing ideas and projects that come out of it this year!

Alison Lydynia

Angie Lo - Music

My name is Angie Lo. I have a Master of Music (Piano Performance) from McGill University and a Masters in Music Education from Hunter College, City University of New York. I am also a graduate of Vanier College, specialized in popular music and Jazz. I hold the Quebec Teaching Permit and the New York State K-12 Teaching Certification. I enjoy playing piano and the flute, and have always eagerly shared my passion for music with my students for the sixteen years that I have been teaching. Each student has his/her unique talent and learning needs. I have developed an effective approach to help children to appreciate music, while building their knowledge in music theory and instrumental skills. My goals are to incorporate music into children’s lives to help them become well-rounded individuals, and to have a positive impact on the lives of each of my students.

Sharon Macpherson - Resource Teacher

I am one of two resource teachers at Elizabeth Ballantyne School this year. I have been a teacher with the English Montreal School Board for ten years. My education background is a B.A. with Honors in Psychology and a B. Ed. in Elementary Education. This year I will be facilitating students in cycles two and three to open up children’s minds, challenge their thinking and make progress in areas of reading, comprehension and various areas of mathematics. Together with the student I will explore and use their individual learning modalities along with strategies, interventions and any adaptations that will facilitate their learning and success. My philosophy of teaching centers on the whole person believing that the process of learning is effected by our general well-being.

Mr. Scott

Scott Thompson – Resource Teacher

My name is Scott Thompson and have been part of the resource team at Elizabeth Ballantyne for over 10 years. I graduated from McGill with a Bachelor in Elementary Education in 2001 and completed a certificate in Inclusive Education in 2005. The students call me “Mr.T. “, and I provide support both in class and in the resource room. I work with the students who need a little extra help, need the problem broken down into manageable pieces, or need to approach learning in a different way. I am a firm believer that every student can learn but some just take a different journey to get there.

Kate Marien

Kate Marien – Tutor

My name is Miss Kate and I have been working as a tutor at EBS for the last eleven years. My four sons attended EBS, and so I was a volunteer parent for 15 years before that. I do my best to help the teachers ensure the success of all students, whether in Language Arts, French or Math. Every student deserves the support and encouragement that will allow him/her to do well at school, both academically and socially. I am determined to make sure that no child ‘falls through the cracks’. When I am not busy tutoring, I am very happy to welcome new students and their families to our school and to answer any questions they may have. If a lunch is forgotten, or a Band-Aid is needed, I can see to that as well! Having been here for 26 years, both as a parent and a staff member, I am very proud to say that EBS really is like a family. We want all of our students to know that they are the most important members of that family.