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Leadership Groups

Prefect Group

Elizabeth Ballantyne has a special group of students called Prefects. They are all grade 6 children voted in by their peers, who have specific responsibilities and tasks to perform all year long. They help the school and the teachers in various functions. The Prefects are voted on these specific criterias:

  • Their sense of responsibility
  • Their sense of leadership
  • Their consideration for others

They are all supervised and guided by M. Fortin.

Virtue Awards

At Elizabeth Ballantyne we strongly believe in virtues. Every month EBS holds assemblies that recognize the different virtues.  Students are encouraged to talk about a specific virtue with their teachers, and express themselves through plays and song. Students who work towards the virtue, and deserve recognition, receive a certificate in front of the school during the assembly.

All-Star Students

After each reporting period, teachers are asked to give a list of names of students who qualify as All Star Students. The lists are posted on two different boards in the school and can be seen by everyone. The criteria for being an All Star Student are as follows:

  • Has all assignments completed on time
  • Participates in class
  • Demonstrates positive behavior
  • Has a positive attitude
  • Is cooperative with fellow students
  • Is cooperative with all staff
  • Makes a good effort in all subjects.

Graduation Ceremony

In June, it is a time to say goodbye to our grade 6 students who are graduating from Elizabeth Ballantyne School. During the ceremony, awards are given to the students who were outstanding in their respective subjects.  Trophies and plaques are also awarded to students who for high academic achievement.